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Entry #3

Don't shake babies

2009-11-11 23:17:42 by joeysucks

I saw a commercial today, it told me not to shake babies. So EVERYONE only shake kids ages 3 and up. Okay? and don't eat your babies too.

This has been a pubic service announcement by your trusted interweb commuter


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2010-01-25 23:50:45

Next thing they're gonna tell me to not hit my babies too. Damn liberal media. :P

joeysucks responds:

Hitting is fine. However, my dear friend, there is a new drowning baby syndrome that is popping up like things that pop up. So make sure if you wash a baby, you dont drown it. Especially in a bag or a bucket.


2010-04-13 22:26:04

That makes sense.


2010-08-25 10:18:58

Thanks bruh, I didn't see that commercial so I had no idea X(

Nice art btw